We are thrilled to announce that Faouz Rejeb has been extended an invitation to the Metavsummit 2023.

This prestigious event promises to be a gathering of leading minds and innovators from around the globe, converging to explore the forefront of technology, entrepreneurship, and societal impact.

Hosted by Metav Summit Company, the Metavsummit 2023 serves as a nexus for visionaries, thought leaders, and change-makers to collaborate, inspire, and catalyze meaningful change in our rapidly evolving world.

Faouz Rejeb’s participation underscores a commitment to excellence, innovation, and thought leadership. As a distinguished invitee,

Faouz brings expertise, insights, and a passion for driving positive change in their respective field.

Stay tuned for updates and insights as Faouz Rejeb embarks on this remarkable journey at the Metavsummit 2023.